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September, 2014:

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Bright and Beautiful Newsletter
Autumn Reality Check
"Hi!" from Mia Park

Reality check: Autumn is here.Chicago's weather dramatically changed from Summer heat to Autumn chill. I still see shivering people wearing flip flops and shorts & see that they want a different reality. (Although it'll be 80 degrees again!)

Like the photo above byElizabeth Sattelberger illustrates, there's always a deeper reality beyond what we perceive. As Byron Katie states in her life chaining book, "Loving What Is", you can end your suffering by looking at how you relate to reality. And to her, reality is God. This is a very Yogic way of looking at life.

There's the universe (God, reality, Mother Nature). There's you. And there's your relationship to reality (the universe, Mother Nature, God). It's a great practice to look at your relationship to reality. Do you metaphorically wear shorts & flip flops on cold days? Why? I hope that we can all embrace reality with an open mind and heart.

And Happy Autumn! At last, my favorite season is here. Welcome.
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"The Yoga Sutra's message is simple and straight forward: Remove the veil of darkness and allow your intrinsic luminosity to illuminate both your inner and outer worlds." Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Yantra Painting Workshops

The painting at the top of this newsletter is the Mahamriyunjaya yantra by Chanti who teaches yantra painting this October in Chicago. Learn to paint yantra! More info here.

My New Commercial

Ridiculous fun! Watch it here.

Autumn Tantric Restorative Yoga Workshop

The change in seasons is the perfect time to restore and renew yourself as your body adapts to the colder weather. Practice resting yoga poses with meditative and breathing exercises in this Tantric Restorative Yoga workshop. Friday, September 19, 2014 at Moksha Yoga Center.


Quote of the Month

I love great quotes. Send me yours to share. Thanks, Florence for this one: “Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.” Erich Fromm


Free Online Yoga

Practice yoga with me online for free. Here's a 45 minute beginner's practice


I'm rehearsing "The Hundred Flowers Project". I'm excited! We runOct 16 - Nov 23

The World of
Extreme Happiness

This is an amazing original play: smart, sharp, funny, penetrating. I acted in the workshop version. This runs until 10/12. See this show!
Featured Do Gooder 

Literacy Works’ vision is that one day, all people will be able to realize their full potential through the ability to read, write, and interpret the world.

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Yoga Sleep Practice
Download this complimentary five minute yoga nidra practice to help you relax.
My Yoga Classes
Chicago, IL

Mondays, 6-7:30
Tantra Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra
@ Moksha West Bucktown

Thursdays, 5:15-6:15PM
Yoga Nidra: Guided Relaxation
@ Moksha West Bucktown

My full teaching calendar.

Private Yoga

I offer private yoga to individuals and groups that include techniques that create internal and external balance and develop deep, inner core strength.
Yoga Workshops
In addition to teaching at yoga festivals this year, I also teach the following workshops:

Sep 19: Tantric Restorative
Oct 4Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Nov 9Tantra Vidya for the Seasons: Autumn

Yoga Writing

I love writing for Yoga Chicago Magazine. My current article is a review of the five yoga and music events I taught at this summer.

Teach Kids Yoga!

Learn how to teach kids yoga from home with this AMAZING video course by my kids yoga teacher, Mira Binzen. Do you know a kid who:

    •    has trouble focusing at school?

    •    has frequent stomach aches?

    •    is nervous or anxious?

    •    has difficulty making friends?

    •    can't easily get to or stay asleep at night?

    •    has fears that keep them from attending school or social events?
Click here to learn more about how to help them using yoga.

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